By the grace of our Lord, we have been sustained by Him in planting churches where the name of the Lord Jesus Christ had not been heard at least once. They were many scars, sufferings and sacrifices behind all the churches that came up for His glory. 13 prayer groups that were started eventually become worship places. Presently, there are seven places of worship at different places, and about 1900-2000 people gather for worship. The seven churches do not have a permanent building for worship, as some assemble in rented homes / buildings or some have a piece of land donated by a devoted believer. Sometimes a thatched hut made of mud and leaves comes up where people worship. During the rains, water enters the place making it impossible for conducting a service.

Our Pastors who toil with us shepherd their flocks faithfully are in need of regular support. Pastors who really work for the Lord always suffer II Tim 3: 12. Their personal and family needs are hard to be met; their children without proper clothes, studies, toys and warm clothing during winter. It is very pathetic to see the family in such situation. When we see their faith, their stand and commitment for the Lord, tears roll in the eyes of any one filled with the Love of Jesus. These Pastors families "March Forward" looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith" Every Pastor in our Ministry needs your prayers and encouraging hand in their family needs, clothing, medicine, travel and rent for the church place. If your heart and hands need to be with us for this work and ministry, you may consider the needs; pray and involve, so that we may together move forward in saving souls.

If you are burdened by the Lord in participating in this work of the Lord for planting a small church where the "Name of the Lord" is not heard you are welcome to give us a helping hand for which our Lord will surely reward you!!