We have ministry among HIV patients. When we see their circumstances and the way they live among people is horrible life. When we first visited a rehabilitation center for AIDS patients there were 75 adults 28 kids, the people there were surprised because no one will talk to them! In India people think if we talk to HIV people or touch them will acquire HIV, even parents near and dear people also never visit them, people will outcast them from Society. People will not offer a glass off water if they know the person has HIV+

HIV people are scared of death; secondly they are away from families. They are depressed. They feel lonely and this will kill them more then their disease!

We visit these people on Pastor Mohan's birthday and on regular basis too, as a church we gather food items medicines, blankets, toys, clothes, fruits etc. will be given to them. We sit with them and talk to them and share their sorrows and pain! We give them little money to buy some personal items and necessary medicines! At the end we share the Love of Christ and remedy for the sins.

Some of them turned to GOD at the end of their life, and also witnessed by taking part in baptism. We praise the Lord for them!

The Children of these Patients are taken care by us and we give assurance of this kids that we would take care of them. This will allow them to die with peace of mind and their kids will be in safe hands! We join these Children in School and we do pay their School fees and buy them books and dresses.

Some HIV+ Patients attend our church on a regular basis, we buy medicines for them, and give them food because some of them have no proper food and they are not able work for their own bread!

We request you to open your Hearts and Hands for this noble Cause!