Where there is no vision, the people perish: Pro 29:18

Our Lord has given us the burden for the lost souls. We work with real burden amongst the Non-Christians in our state of Andhra Pradesh (One of the largest states in South India, India has total 26 states) we toil day and night with tears and fears in the heart. We share the GOSPEL through various means and methods. i.e., Church planting,Children ministry, Womens ministry, Youth ministry, literature ministry, hospital visiting, Crusades, Gospels pastors trainings, meetings in places where Christ's name have not been heard. Our burden is to plant at least fifty (100) new churches amongst those who have not heard the Name of Christ. We need your prayers and join with us in achieving the goal of soul winning. Do join with us in this "Great work" of leading other lost souls.

"He that winned souls is wise"