I want to share about our ministry in India for your valuable prayer support and moral support and if possible financial support. I am a Hindu by birth and naturally as a Hindu I used to worship Gods made of clay, wood, stone, bronze, brass etc. but I did not have the satisfaction nor joy. Once I was invited to a Christian meeting in my neighborhood, I reluctantly attended the meeting, the Lord spoke to me in a special way. I realized that I was a sinner. I accepted the Lord as my personal savior (after some days of hearing the word of God of course!) After my studies I heard the call of God, and after much struggle I submitted to the Lord for the full time service. From then on my Lord had been faithful to me. We are involved now as a Church and Ministry in taking the Gospel to places where he is not known. Our burden is to plant at least 200 churches by the year 2010. With 200 missionaries/pastors shepherding them. This needs your prayer and support.

We welcome you to our Web-site! We are situated in India-a beautiful country with enormous culture and heritage! It is a large multi-lingual, multi-religion, multi-cultural society.

In terms of area, India is the seventh largest country in the World.

It is the multi-lingual nation as many as 1652 languages and dialects are spoken in the country. Nine out of 30 largest languages spoken in the world are in India! and we do minister to people in the state called "Andhra Pradesh" one of the 26 states of India. Our language is called "Telugu" which is again one of the languages of the states of India! India is also diverse in its religions with diverse traditions Hindus account for about 82%; Muslims-12%, Christians (Includes Roman Catholics, Protstents, Cults, Nominals etc)-2.4%, Sikhs-2%, Buddhists and Jains-less than 1% each.

There are diverse Caste Groups in the country as many as 6748 castes are recognised by the Government People of each caste follow diverse traditions, Customs & Practice!

It is a Herculean Task to reach the people of India with so many diversities and Bonds, Barriers of many kinds! BUT "For with God nothing is impossible" Luke 1:37.

We live in a place called "Hyderabad" which is also called "Pearl City" tradition says that pearls used to be sold here in street markets by weight!

We are Fundamental Baptist, Independent, non-charismatic people who love the Lord and His word! Basically we have a ministry among the non-Christiansand involved in Church Planting, Children ministry, work among the widows, Aids Patients, Children Scholarships, Bible Institute (for the village Pastors in their local language).

By the Grace of our Lord we could reach some souls for His Glory since 1990!

All these years HE had been so faithful we could just stand in awe and express our heartful gratitude, even though there are so many sorrows and heart-breaks in the ministry. By persecutions, trials and testing our faith and dependence upon the Lord grew and we did learn many lessons in the life which are learnt only in the "School of Life".

We covet your prayers for our ministry and things we attempt for His Glory!

"Faithful is He that Calleth you, who also will do Brethren, pray for us" 1 Thess 5:24,25.